Science and Design – Co-creating the future

is a joint proposal from 8 different technological and scientific research centers together with a research-based design university.

The aim is to communicate science researchers’ work and scientific advances at different scales to society through a design language, and to use design as a tool to prototype societal impact of technological and scientific advances.

The activities will turn around 3 main concepts: (i) to approach the scientific and technological developments on four different scales (Nano, Human, Planet, Cosmos); (ii) o use design and design research as the visual language to communicate complex scientific information and as a tool to prototype the future; and (iii) to contemplate this event as collaborative experiment between society, science and design in a 2-year span (co-creation).

Proposed to be held mainly within one of the Barcelona cultural nucleus (Design Museum), there will be another satellite location at the CCCB.

The aim is to link first years’ edition to the second year’s one by using data and results generated collaboratively with participants in the first event, and with schools in between events.