Universitat de Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya
Campus Torre dels Frares
C/ de la Laura, 13
08500 Vic (Barcelona)

VIC, a University city

The city of Vic enjoys an outstanding location in central Catalonia and on the plain which shares its name. It lies between the Pyrenees and metropolitan region of Barcelona in the north-south direction, and between the coastal and inland counties of Catalonia in the east-west direction. A series of roadworks have been completed in recent years, making access to the city faster and more convenient.

Vic is just 70 km from Barcelona (55 min.), 60 km from Girona (50 min.), 164 km from Lleida (120 min.) and 156 km from Tarragona.

How to get to Vic


By congress transfer 
The Local Host Organisation is offering transfer service from the Barcelona airport to Vic and back, as follows:Barcelona Airport T1 –Vic / Wednesday, 31 October (1h 20min.)
Bus nº 1 departure time: 14.00h
Bus nº 2 departure time: 18.00h

Vic-Barcelona/ Friday, 2 November (1h 20min.)
Bus nº 1 to Barcelona city center, departure time: 17.00h
Bus nº 2 to Barcelona airport, departure time: 17.00h

*Please, confirm if you plan to use these services when you make your online registration.
Places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. 

  Sagalés: Coach service between Barcelona (near Plaça Catalunya) and Vic. Tel: +34 902 130 014
Teisa: Coach service between Olot and Vic. Tel: +34 972 204 868
Eixbus: Coach service between Lleida and Girona with stops in Tàrrega, Cervera, Manresa and Vic. Tel: +34 972 200 275
  Train services operate from Sants and Plaça Catalunya stations in Barcelona on Line 3 to Vic, Ripoll, Puigcerdà and La Tour de Carol (all of which stop at Vic). Tel: +34 902 240 202
You can check train timetables online.
El Prat (BCN) is the main airport of Barcelona (70 Km from Vic). It is located 17 Km from the city center (Plaça Catalunya). From the airport you can reach Vic by train, after taking a train from terminal 2 (T2) through a covered walkway. For those arriving or leaving from  terminal 1 (T1) there is a bus (Bustransit) that connects T1 with the train station. The journey from the airport to Barcelona Sants station takes 19 minutes. Once you reach Barcelona Sants station you should get a train on Line 3.

There are also buses from the airport to Barcelona city centre (Plaça Catalunya), where nearby (Carrer Casp, 34) you can catch a Sagalés coach to Vic.

Girona-Costa Brava airport is locacted 11 km.  away from Girona. From the airport you can reach Vic by bus. A regular bus service operates between Girona airport and Girona city centre, where you can then catch the Eixbus to Vic; there are also coach services from Girona to Barcelona.

For further information please check the AENA (Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea) website.

   Vic is located 70 km north of Barcelona. A taxi journey will take about 55 minutes.
Taxi fare: 130 € approx.