First International Symposium on


6 - 7th February 2023 · Barcelona

Transdisciplinary Approaches for Neuroblastoma therapy symposium

This networking event brings together experts from different fields but with the same objective- to join forces to fight NB and accelerate new treatment’s discovery. To this end, the main aim of the networking event is to share knowledge between physicians, researchers, and members of patient advocacy organizations of different fields and expertise, to find new common solutions against neuroblastoma, and build up a research consortium to actively participate in the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan.

The symposium will be held at the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital in the greater Barcelona area (Spain); it will be carried out in four sessions to discuss new advancements in Neuroblastoma characterization and modeling, cutting-edge technologies, and current strategies for Neurblastoma therapy.

The network event will serve to bring knowledge for all participants, build up new research networks, and disseminate the event conclusions to the general public, thanks to the support of the Association of Families and Friends of Children with Neuroblastoma (NEN).

The symposium encourages the participation of Early Career Researchers and enables involvement in the network of usually underrepresented countries in Europe.


February 2023

Important dates

Deadline for abstracts submission:
20th January 10:30 a.M.  Closed (notification 24th January)
Registration deadline:
1st February (depending on capacity) Closed: Full capacity


PCCB Auditorium
Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona
Carrer de Santa Rosa, 39
08950 Barcelona

Local committee

Aranzazu Villasante,  Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC)

Clara Alcon, Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC)

Silvia Mateo, Hospital Sant Joan de Deu (SJD)

Jara Martín,Hospital Sant Joan de Deu (SJD)

Joaquín Molí, Association of Families and Friends of Children with Neuroblastoma (NEN)

PONENTES · 15 de noviembre

Jordi Díaz Manera

John Walton Muscular Dystrophy center, Newcastle University

Josep Samitier

Instituto de Bioingeniería de Cataluña (IBEC)

Marta Badia Graset

Instituto de Bioingeniería de Cataluña (IBEC)

Juanma Fernández Costa

Instituto de Bioingeniería de Cataluña (IBEC)

Rubén Artero Allepuz

Universitat de València, INCLIVA

Samuel Sánchez Ordónez

Instituto de Bioingeniería de Cataluña (IBEC)

Beatriz Llamusí Troisi

ArthEx Biotech S.L.

Anna Lagunas Targarona

Instituto de Bioingeniería de Cataluña (IBEC)

Marisol Montolio del Olmo

Duchenne Parent Project Spain, Cátedra de enfermedades raras UB